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About Us

Downtown.AI disrupts the way smart mobility services and authorities plan and manage traffic.


Our Human Movements Predictive Analytics platform leverages machine learning and accurate mobile location data to analyze, map and predict human movements in cities, including all modes of urban transportation (cars, public transit, micro mobility and pedestrians). 


We generate visualized analytics and forecasts of commuters’ concentrations and traffic patterns by aggregating the location of millions of anonymized mobile devices every day. We correlate this data with weather, events, census , road infrastructure and other data sources and use proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and generate predictions.


By analyzing real world commotion data Downtown.AI enables Mobility Services to accurately forecast customer demand, to compare and pick the best cities to expand to, and to optimize placement of vehicles and assets.

We helps Transportation Authorities to improve planning of new projects (lines, stations, intersections...), to optimize scheduling of buses and trains, to evaluate the impact of past investments and to manage daily traffic.


We assist Car OEMs to enable Autonomous Cars to identify crowd's hot spots (e.g. for Ridesharing services) and to improve navigation in cities crowded by pedestrians. 


Downtown.AI is based in Vancouver, BC and Palo Alto, California.